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UYAAI 10ml Eye Drops Contact Lens Solution Liquid Nursing for Eyes Pupil Cleaning Health Care


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Packaging: 1X 10ml Liquid Nursing Eye Drops
For: contact lens, eye health

Removes protein deposits on lenses
Clean and lubricate the lens to form a hydrophilic film on the lens
Disinfection, kill bacteria and microorganisms
Adjust pH and osmotic pressure to increase lens comfort.
Shelf life: 30 days after opening

1. Before you use eye drops, wash your hands with soap and warm water. Dry them with a clean towel.
2. To put them in your own eyes, lie down or use a mirror. It may help to ask someone to check that the drops get in your eye.
3. Look up to the ceiling with both eyes.
4. Tilt your head back and pull your lower lid down with one hand. Hold the bottle or tube in your other hand. If you need to, rest part of your hand on your forehead to keep it steady.
5. Place one drop or a little ointment inside your lower lid. Don’t let the tip of the bottle or tube touch your eye.
6. Blink and dab away any extra fluid with a tissue.

Package Includes:
1 x Eye drops 10ml

1. Q: How many times can it be used?
A: Expiration time: 5 Years (before opened)
Use of time: 12 Months (after opened)

2. Q: Are the contact lens disposable or reusable?
A: Contact lens are reusable

3. Q:Are these contacts completely safe?
A:We are professional in the cosmetic contact industry for 20 years. Our products have CE certification.

4. Q: Do the contact lens come with the box?
A: Yes, contact lens come with the box

5. Q:Is this the price for 1 lens, or for 2 lenses ?
A: 2 pieces(1 pair)

6. Q: Is it comfortable for eyes?
A: The water content of our product is 42%, relaxing and comfortable, without any burden.

7. Q: how long the transportation time needs?
A: Different logistics have different transit times


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